Deadly Ponies

Forever I’ve wanted to splurge on a decent bag that I will have year in, year out. I’ve just never done it. Partly because I’m indecisive. Partly because I don’t like huge fancy bling, fake leather, sparkles, pink anything, fluff, crappy zips- the list could go on- I’m very picky. It has been an enormous searching process and when I say splurge, I don’t mean Chanel, or even the next step down like Miu Miu. Labels like Coach even have outlet stores but I still have to like the bag not just the price and (I don’t mean to sound snobby) if they’re chucking it out for nix then why do I want it? All the classics never go on sale anyway- just like black jeans, you never really see the good quality black jeans on sale do you? It’s because they don’t really ever date.

This is why I love Deadly Ponies. This label is a New Zealand based company using amazing leathers such as deer and lambskin. Every collection is so classic, often with a twist, enough to make it quirky, not tacky. And they are not ridiculously mainstream, so that is me in a nutshell. They do have a cult following and are big in New Zealand but it is not an over represented label that every second person has, although they are certainly rapidly growing and becoming known! The only problem I have found is they sell out faster than I can really decide! Seriously, they have a pre-order on at the moment for their new collection and there are colours already sold out!

The latest collection features some great colours, warmer reds like oxblood and different materials such as goats fur in their range. Currently I’m swaying toward the ‘Mr Stomper’. Breaking that down to which colour I prefer is too difficult so far! I believe in splurging only on a good navy, black or stone/beige coloured bag, like I said, they are safe colours that match everything as well as staying classic. That could also be because I’m pretty boring colour wise!

Check out their fun site here, and the pics come up way better there too! Let me know what you think!


ImageThe ‘Mr Stomper’



Photos are no my own, opinions and thoughts are! See you next Thursday! x

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