Poppies for Grace

Many of you keen and curious people may notice this is a day late- apologies for a hectic week. Also if you enjoyed last week’s store A Skulk of Foxes, they are having a sale online with up to 70% off until Sunday, so check that out! Also I have noticed with people checking back in all week long that in the coming weeks I will start a separate section called ‘5 of the best’. It is a quick visual (minimal reading, yay!) go to guide on 5 of the best of a range of things, but is more limey to feature individual products along a theme rather than whole labels and stores. Those we will keep to Thursday posts! So keep an eye out!

Poppies for Grace
If you are planning a on decorating an office, bedroom or for a birthday, wedding or any party then here is the place for gorgeous tissue balls that look stunning as a garland or grouped together in different sizes hanging from the roof or wall. The best part is they come in amazing colours and a a range of size and are so affordable!! These look amazing grouped for decoration of a room or even just singularly styled on a desk with bits and pieces.

Poppies is known also for their range of general stationary, invites, cards and wedding stationary. Colourful whilst still remaining classic is how I would describe their wedding ranges. The girls at Poppies for Grace are friends of a friend and they designed her baby shower invites which were stunning. From the photos below that I have chosen to show you from their site, you can tell that I love the watercolour dot print in anything they have printed that design on, from cards to lolly bags to invites!

Just looking at their website is inspiring as all products are styled amazingly. They have also incorporated their designs into art work and cushions. Seriously picking some photos to represent Poppies for Grace is so ridiculously hard because I love them all, but if you need a bit of encouragement to pop on over to the website and have a look then scroll down!

Absolutely all photo credits (except for one, which may have originally been theirs, I don’t know, saying this to cover myself!) go to Poppies for Grace, as I mentioned before, amazing styling that I definitely couldn’t replicate! (Tissue ball picture found here)

Poppies for Grace site here


ImageWedding stationary (above)


Lolly bags and cushion! I love dots



See you next Thursday!

Thoughts and opinions are my own, photos (as mentioned above) are not!


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