5 of the best- Rugs



1. Loom Rugs– Melbourne company Loom Rugs probably make my all time favourite range of  rugs! Find them here
2. Cow hide rugs– classic cowhide can be found at Leatherco or basic coloured ones can be found at Ikea
3. Crochet rug– fun decoration piece find it here
4. Felt ball rugs– probably my second must have rug after a Loom rug. Can be found at LimeTreeKids or even better buy yours fair-trade at Go Fair Trading
5. Ikat– Ikat is a way of dying or weaving and can vary a lot in print and colour but it is a print I just love. This rug is found at The Rug Collection and I really wish I had somewhere to put it!



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2 responses to “5 of the best- Rugs

  1. Kirsty

    You can also get the felt ball rugs at Freedom xx

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