Salvage and Selvedge

This weeks store quickly became one of my favourites, I can say I’ve ticked off a few important birthday pressies from here for this year already!

Salvage and Selvedge
This can be a hard one to spot if you’re not stuck in crawling traffic, which I always happen to be in so it worked out perfectly for finding this store!

A bright store that isn’t jam packed with stock but literally I could have easily purchased one of everything in there, I loved it! The owners make a range of jewellery and all the wooden items such as shelving and tables themselves so it is really nice to know things are kept local. All other items in the store also come from equally talented Melbournians who present a quirky range of homewares and gifts.

Some of my favourites were the amazing smelling candles in amber jars, gorgeous lace printed and glazed ceramic bowls, brightly coloured owl figures and handmade wooden box shelves for the walls. The jewellery that is made in-house includes vintage button earrings and necklaces which are made with pretty fabrics and great colour combinations. There are some really inventive and quirky gift ideas to suit many- from the humble cactus appreciator to the collector of the prettiest of ceramics.

I really can’t say too much more otherwise I’ll give it all away, but this is one store definitely worth stopping in to. Located just off Brunswick Street, an easy stroll from last weeks store so maybe go and visit both!

78 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

Website here

(Apologies in advance for the pics- really have to remember to take a proper camera around with me more often!)






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