5 Of The Best- Winter Coats

So ‘5 Of The Best’ posts happen randomly, and usually when I am on the hunt for something. This week it has been a new winter coat. It’s something I am happy to invest in for good quality and materials, my last one I bought while living in Canada, which means it has done me a good 7 years, its time to move on!

5 Of The Best Winter Coats


1. Viktoria + WoodsRoyce Blazer in Ink. *1/5/13- since I wrote this post this has sold out so may not appear when clicked
2. Lucette- Wool Drape Coat in black/white
3. Viktoria + Woods- Atlantis Coat in Glacier
4. Witchery- Funnel Collar Coat in grey marle
5. Decjuba- One Religion Drape Jacket in Black



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2 responses to “5 Of The Best- Winter Coats

  1. Kirsty Farrugia

    Move up here and you’ll have no need for a winter coat xx

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Kirst its a CONSTANT inner battle for me between loving the heat but loving winter clothes! At least Melbourne has been kind to us this Summer! Not like Sydney’s crazy 50 degree days! haha! xx

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