Party In The Box

I’m excited to share what I think is a brilliant business, kind of leaves you wishing you had thought of the idea! To top off such a great business there is even a special deal for Road Of The Curious readers! Read on!

Party In The Box
Have you got a birthday coming up? A kids birthday? A themed party? Baby shower? Any event? Well then this is about to help you out big time!

Party In The Box started up at the beginning of 2012 and judging by the how the party ranges keep growing and growing, business is good!

The idea is great- a one stop internet shop for all party supplies. Your entire party can be put together in the one spot- from invites and balloons and tablecloths everything you may need in between to arrive to your door all boxed and ready to go!

You can choose one of the ready made party boxes that come with everything you will need for a party (minus the food), and these can be as basic or deluxe as you choose. There are great ranges from children’s licensed characters such as Spiderman, Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine to soccer, princess, ladybug and pirate themes! But its not just for the kids, there are also colour themed sets for any occasion- the pink or blue would be great for a baby shower, or the black and white for a Collingwood party (shuddering as I say that, ahh football), or mixing the green and yellow sets for an Australia Day party! Endless options! Below I have put together some pics of party boxes, but keep in mind there are plenty more to choose from and many more neutral coloured and themed options, I just went with displaying two boy and girl options!

There is also the option to ‘build a box’ where you can add in the items you want to create your own box. Does this not sound like an awesome idea rather than running around to multiple shops to buy all the bits and pieces for a party?? There is even ready made party bags for you to add in! Its like someone doing most of the planning and coordinating of party supplies for you! And it works out to be excellent value too! All this, shipped to your door anywhere in Australia.

Make sure you check it out, I know a lot of little ones with birthdays coming up mid year and this just makes so much sense to have an organised, fun, colourful party that is great value and all done for you! The website even has party tips, recipes and theme ideas!

Party In The Box have generously offered 10% off for Road Of The Curious Readers who order before May 2nd! Just enter roadofthecurious at checkout! 

Visit the website here and find them on Facebook here
I hope you love this business as much as I do! x




Above are just a couple of pieces I placed together from different categories to show how easily it is to pick your own items and still have them coordinate!

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2 responses to “Party In The Box

  1. Yeah, that’s a great idea! And I LOVE that they are online. If you posted about another ultra cool shop that I couldn’t visit, I might cry 😉

    • Hehe the pressure is on! Melbourne is the place to be maybe?! I’ll endeavour to find a balance with online or Australia wide availability!! Its just getting those market finds and small stores to make an online store!
      Glad you liked Party in the Box!

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