The Woodsfolk

The Woodsfolk
It only opened earlier in the year but already this has to be one of my new absolute favourite stores. And its so close to my work in Hawthorn that I can pop in whenever! Every time I head in here I just want one of everything and this is little to no exaggeration. I finally acknowledged I’m slightly obsessed with woodland creatures at the moment so it is no wonder I love this store because it is such an earthy, quirky, woody, homey store that oozes class in a modern old fashioned kind of way. A bit oxymoronic but true! 

The Woodsfolk has a really old-fashioned family service feel, possibly also because they had a colouring competition over easter for kids AND adults which is just so cool and reminded me of when I was growing up, they were all the rage.

The store is mainly homewares and decorations, including the felt balls rugs which i adore so much. Even better they have a couch with felt balls as the feature buttons, and felt ball garlands. There are not multiples of everything so its almost a little bit like walking into a well styled and bountiful home where you can just happen to buy that cushion that you’re leaning on or the rug you are walking upon. Soft furnishings, art prints, stationary, kitchenware, books, pompoms, fabric feather dream catchers, scarves, fur chairs, candles… um shall I go on? 

I just about died when I saw the kids felt coats with hoods like different animals. Absolutely adorable. None of that stuffy polyester fluffy ‘bear’ but real classic lions and bunnies. 

Have you got the gist yet how much I’m in love with this place? Even their website and blog are seriously inspiring, the styling and photography of the store and products are amazing. Definitely worth having a peek!

Visit The Woodsfolk in store at 39 Church Street, Hawthorn and online here

The day or two after I discovered The Woodsfolk, The Design Files blogged about it. Once again I felt like she has beaten me to all my good ideas. Haha! Because The Design Files is also a brilliant blog and they take all their own amazing pictures, you can check out her story on the store here.

*I take no credit for these amazing photos, all photos were sourced from The Woodsfolk site




See the gorgeous little felt lion coat?!!


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