Favorite Florists

No you didn’t imagine it, I did just completely skip last week as if the week did not happen. Sorry! As a continually recovering chronic fatigue syndrome-er there can be times when I may do this! It has been a while but last week was a small write off!

This post is for the ones I am always chatting to about amazing flowers. I dare you to look through the amazing photos below and not be inspired! (Sorry, there are quite a few)

Favourite Melbourne Florists
I have worked out my lifetime by careers, I’m not sure I’ll ever get use out of my actual degree but it has been decided that I will at some point be a florist or be creative with flowers somehow because I love them and the creativity required to put together even a simple yet unique posy. Its no secret that I am the worlds largest peony lover, I’m not a fan of pink at all but still the peony just wins me over every time!

I have a few favourite florists in Melbourne that really create rather than just putting a few plain lilies and roses together. A bunch of flowers can be very much more than a bunch of flowers! While with the gift of flowers it is the thought that counts, I love giving (and receiving!) a posy with character, and you really can find a bunch to suit every personality! I find it inspiring to follow these few below on instagram for ideas.

Flowers Vasette is in Brunswick Street and is like entering floral heaven. I have found them to have a great range of stunning flowers and last time I was there they has a great range of amber glass bottle ‘vases’ and light bulb vases. Flowers Vasette is behind the amazing floral arrangements and artistic foliage creations behind a lot of the big events and companies in Melbourne. It is very inspiring having a look at their website at the amazing creations! Cecilia Fox is in the quirky side of Brunswick on Blyth street and puts together unique mixes, incorporating flowers fruit, berries and foliage. I love their style and what combinations are put together! Katie Marx flowers has put together some stunning and decently huge floral displays for weddings. Once again her style is incorporating a stunning mix of flowers and foliage.

My last one is a collaboration called Pop and Scott. Not only is it part florist (part furniture, part workshop) but they also run floral classes. I am aiming to get along to the flower arranging class or the floral hair garland class for something different and fun! The garland class teaches how to make your own unique floral hairpiece but there is also a hair stylist ready to style your hair to go with your creation, the perfect set up for some amazing photos! All this with a bit of champers and I think this would be a great day/night out with the girls!

I’m not just talking flowers people. Seriously go look these people up, floristry can be absolutely amazing! Check out some of the pics below and tell me if you’re not looking at flowers a little differently than before! And let me know if you know of any other floral gems in Melbourne! (or anywhere really, especially if we can stalk their website!)

Flowers Vasette found here
Cecilia Fox found here
Katie Marx instagram found here
Pop and Scott found here

(photos are from each respective florists website or instagram, each photo has caption below)


Katie Marx flowers


Katie Marx Flowers


Katie Marx creation

Image Image
Cecilia Fox


Cecilia Fox


Flowers Vasette


Flowers Vasette- Thats not wallpaper, they’re flowers!


Pop and Scott hair garland


Pop and Scott shop

Enough inspiring photos for you?!!

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