Hard to Find

Ok so this one is not so secret and I feel like I’m giving away a hundred blog post ideas in one but incase you have not ever visited this site here it is!

Hard to Find (HTF) was one of my original one stop online shop for gifts. The business concept is brilliant and they support small businesses which everyone is into these days so the growth of the site is hardly surprising. It is essentially a virtual marketplace where approved sellers present their items. This I suppose is a good quality control measure to ensure the quality of the products presented to the buyer. I remember stumbling upon HTF in it’s humble beginnings when it was only Australian small businesses and there was only about three catagories to choose from. Now the site covers womens, mens and kids everything as well as homewares, travel and more. And the prices range from completely reasonable to ‘oh its a gift so I’ll pay that bit extra’.

My problem with the site is now it has become so big with so many products, it is a little difficult to sort through the 10 pages of scarves etc. I also think that they have let too much plasticy items in, but there are still the unique handmade items if you look! Not bad problems to have, there are definitely some amazing items if you look! ( a suggestion would be to click on ‘collections’- here they have put together the best products under certain themes).

The best part is (besides your fairly unique purchase) that shipping is mostly free and they can wrap it and send it straight to the recipient if it is a gift. Super handy if like me your rellos are all over the country. This could be a game changer for Christmas shopping!

As every post needs pictures, I’ve put some of my recent ‘finds’ below!

Hard to Find here


This chalkboard heart made a great engagement gift!


These circle shelves are on my ‘one day’ list


Anne Black ceramics


The prettiest cupcake holders you ever did see


Stack of bangles- love!


A different take on an essential oil burner…


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  1. Love this site, so good for gift shopping at home! Thanks 🙂

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