Fictional Objects

Fictional Objects

No I’m not writing about imaginary things. Fictional Objects is a Melbourne based bed linen company that is less than a year old and already doing amazing things!! My personal style fluctuates between very classic almost vintage styles and soft modern prints, so this range is my perfect go to for the softer modern prints. Yellow, coral, navy and soft blacks feature with small print arrows, triangles and spots to create quite a minimal look yet remaining interesting. And the best part? Their ranges go from cot size through to king.

Small runs of each line mean theres no mass producing which is something I personally love and admire, its such a good feeling having something thats not around everywhere!! The designs are made to mix and match, yet I can also see them fitting with many other combinations- I would personally put the yellow pillow cases with just about anything, even clashing with other prints or florals.

I’m yet to try them out but pretty happy to have discovered this range, as soon as the million layers have come off my bed from winter then it will be time for the change! You can also check them out at the next Finders Keepers Market if you missed seeing them there last time!!

Visit Fictional Objects here. (All pics are from their site.)






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