5 Of The Best

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Is anyone else realising that the new trend for spring/summer is tropical? And that everyone seems to be going bananas for pineapples? I walked past a Mozi store last week and its pineapples galore! I’m becoming obsessed with British India themed home wares, kind of like a vintage tropical look, so I’m loving a bit of pineapple! Its not hard if you want to jump on the pineapple bandwagon as it is everywhere, but here are a few of my favourites! The vintage print is probably the one I will be definitely buying out of my top 5!


1. Everingham & Watson Navy Pineapple Cushion found here
2. Everingham & Watson Pineapple Blackboard found here
3. Freedom Pineapple Statue found here
4. Strathcona Stockings Pineapple Socks found here
5. Pacifica Island Artwork Vintage Pineapple Print found here

Blankets/ Throws


1. Domayne crochet throw- perfect colours! found online here
2. Adairs Faux Fur- this is not the one I wanted to put in but Bed Bath and Table doesn’t have a website. Similar found here 
3. Floral quilt- cotton quilt handmade by store owner and shipped to your door. Gypsya on Etsy found here
4. Uimi- Melbourne brand, merino wool, comes in many amazing colours. Find colours and stockists here
5. Adairs Santona Throw- comes in some amazing colours including a deep beetroot/maroon. Find it here

Winter Coats


1. Viktoria + Woods– Royce Blazer in Ink. *1/5/13- since I wrote this post this has sold out so may not appear when clicked
2. Lucette- Wool Drape Coat in black/white
3. Viktoria + Woods- Atlantis Coat in Glacier
4. Witchery- Funnel Collar Coat in grey marle
5. Decjuba- One Religion Drape Jacket in Black



1. Wallpaper and fabric- This is that fox wallpaper I mentioned a while ago! Comes in fabric as well- I love it in bright blue! Can be found in fabric here but also in wallpaper at McGlip Furnishings in Balwyn.
2. Fox mask- MisFitLeather on Etsy here
3. Mr Bernard fox- by Moulin Roty can be found Petit et Grand in Hawthorn
4. Cushion- Beck Baur
5. Cushion- Found at Heads and Tails
I easily could have gone 10 of the best this week! So just added one more
5.1. Toy- Dwell Studio



1. Loom Rugs– Melbourne company Loom Rugs probably make my all time favourite range of  rugs! Find them here
2. Cow hide rugs– classic cowhide can be found at Leatherco or basic coloured ones can be found at Ikea
3. Crochet rug– fun decoration piece find it here
4. Felt ball rugs– probably my second must have rug after a Loom rug. Can be found at LimeTreeKids or even better buy yours fair-trade at Go Fair Trading
5. Ikat– Ikat is a way of dying or weaving and can vary a lot in print and colour but it is a print I just love. This rug is found at The Rug Collection and I really wish I had somewhere to put it!

Baby blankets


1. Sunday Ganim– Made in Melbourne, amazing quality and designs. Online store here
2. David Fussenegger– Super soft cotton, stocked at Petit et Grand in Hawthorn
3. Living Textiles- Fun designs, online store here
4 & 5. Uimi– Made in Melbourne, great colours, mostly woollen so warm! Stockist here


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