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Spring Hill Peony Farm

So much to write about when its hitting the warmer months cause there is so much more happening!!! I’m blogging from the airport- such a weird experience! Everyone is so interested on what you are doing on your laptop, I’ve caught more than one glance of someone looking over my shoulder!

Spring Hill Peony Farm
Yes this is a whole post on one flower. If you know me at all, you would know I am mildly obsessed with the beautiful peony. The problem many years ago was this stunning flower was at least $50 a bunch which I can not justify for a ‘I just love flowers so much I will buy a bunch every fortnight’. I came across the peony farm when they provided flowers for a magazine shoot and it was in the small print so because they were a working farm I rang them up and found out that I could go and pick my own!

Just over an hour out of Melbourne and roughly 15 minutes out of Kyenton is Spring Hill. It is a beautiful part of the country and heading to the peony farm leads you down small roads that you would not have usually taken!

The farm holds open days where you can come and pick your own or buy ready picked bunches. This Saturday, 25th November through to the 30th November the farm is open for you to come and pick your own flowers. From memory it is about $15-20 for a decent bunch and you can take your pick of whites, soft pinks and fuchsia varieties (uyou can tell by my pics below that I favour the fuchsia!) Bring your own secreters or borrow theirs. I like to go towards the end of the day after I have spent the day exploring the area. This year the open days on the 24th and 25th are more than about just the flowers with food and wine stalls and the opportunity to picnic among the peonies. The farm now includes the ‘Little Church’ which is a gorgeous restored church and site for events and I believe now the entry point for flower picking.

I usually go up a couple of times a season- the season is so short (about 6 weeks) that we have to make the most of it! What I have learnt is if you can’t make it up during the week then aim to pick your flowers towards the very end of their opening hours. Less people. Probably less flowers too as they will have been picked over but there is plenty so this is not a problem. Last year a carful of us had a girls day out and ended up at the farm right on closing on their very last day of the season, we literally filled the car boot and they didn’t charge us!! Needless to say we are all going back again next weekend because we are all addicted to these beautiful flowers and a fun day out!

If you can’t make the trip up to the farm, you can find Spring Hill peonies at farmers markets around Melbourne! Check out their site and Facebook page for locations.

Spring Hill Peony Farm site here
Facebook page here

And now some photos of the wondrous things! ( If I go during the week I take my dog Lucy with me, hence the dog wandering the photos!)


IMG_2707 IMG_2709 IMG_2726 IMG_6587 IMG_6590 IMG_6599



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Favourite Melbourne Cafes

A bit of a slack week this week sorry- I have just come back from some time away in Queensland, everything just happens so much earlier there which equates to loooong days and now a very tired me! I was partly up north to attend a weaving class (Previously written about it here) with Maryanne Moody. It was in the most amazing space at Toby Scott Studios in Brisbane and brilliant fun, I will include a pic below of what I have made so far, still learning but so far not too shabby. I highly recommend classes run by The School (of which this course was run through), although generally based in Sydney they run creative classes in different cities at times during the year.

In Melbourne we have such a huge café culture, food and coffee are a huge deal. I will drive anywhere for a great food and coffee experience. I cant be too specific on the coffee I just know good and not good but most of these places are quite technical with their coffee and known for good quality. There are way too many places to list but here are a few of mine mostly over my side of the city. I’d love to hear of anywhere you love to go as well!!

Green Refectory 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Admittedly, the coffee is not great at all but the food is amazing. A small place with a great atmosphere, these guys bake all their own food, and I am yet to have a bad meal there. From brekky to lunch to pies to something sweet- amazing salads and curry- there is no particular style but everything is done well! I recommend the vanilla slice, it is so good! Hard to find as there is no sign but they are smack bang next door to True Blue Shoes- enormous blue shoe store.

Three Bags Full Nicholson Street, Abbortsford (online here)
This little gem is tucked off Victoria street in Abbotsford and does both coffee and food very well. Extensive coffee menu and the specials are always the best choice for brekky- their salads and pulled pork rolls are amazing. The space is amazing and always having fresh flowers is a winner with me too. Three Bags falls in to a category with a few others who I hear are all designed by the same people- aesthetically they are similar so this makes sense, but they are similar in food and coffee too- Proud Mary for example. If you can’t get into Three Bags on a weekend pop the other side of Hoddle Street to Proud Mary for a similar experience (172 Oxford Street, Collingwood).

Little Henri 850 High Street, Thornbury (online here)
I recently went here for a girls breakfast and was pretty impressed considering there were 10 of us and a café full of people, service was fast. A newcomer to High street, Little Henri is a great looking space, coffee was pretty good and food was delish.

Forth Brother 799 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield (online here)
Ok so this is owned and run by friends of mine but besides from that is just great coffee and food without the huge overrun atmosphere of most cafes. The corn fritters are my favourite, there is some special pepita mix on top which I’m still trying to weasel the recipe out of them its so good!

Jam and Bread For Frances 1/701 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn (online here)
This is conveniently placed at the back of Readings bookstore, and I have to say makes the best salted caramel tart ever. Just down the road from my work I have been known to pop in to grab their mini beetroot, mint and feta ciabatta and a salted caramel tart. Coffee is decent too- their iced coffee is my summer favourite!


Three Bags Full


Brekky at Three Bags


The Green Refectory


Bread and Jam for Frances


Forth Brother


Forth Brother’s corn and herb fritters with those amazing pepitas!

And Lastly, my weaving attempt. Sorry its a bit of a small pic. Ready to be hung!



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Harvest Textiles and Workroom

Harvest Textiles and Workroom
Harvest is a little bit of everything crafty.  It is a workshop, a teaching space and a label all mixed in one.

As a label, the talented ladies that make up Harvest Textiles create some really bright, unique and fun printed fabric and use it to make a wide range of products such as bags, leggings, cushions, quilts and skirts. If you’re after bright, locally made items that are pretty much one off, then this would be a great place to have a peek!

The workroom is hired out to be used as a printing and art space for some amazing Melbourne labels such as Full Drop Co, Peaches + Keen, Monolog and Fable Baby.

I mentioned last week that screen printing is very ‘in’ right now. It is a way to make your product unique, and is essentially easy enough if you have the space, tools and ideas! If you’d like to have a go and create some of your own fabric without getting too serious and just wanting to create enough fabric yardage to make your own cushions or something like that, then join in a class at Harvest!

A range of classes are run from the workroom including guest workshops. Here you can learn to screen print in a day or in more detail over a few sessions, or as mentioned before take a class to design your own fabric yardage. You can also take a speciality class such as hand dying silk scarves or kitting, depending on who the guest artist is at the time. See the link for the classes and check out what is coming up in the next few months!

Below I have added some pics from their site to show the fabric designs and products but jump onto their page for more info and inspiration!

Find Harvest Textiles and Workroom here
ump to a list of their classes here

300  300 300

news_shib  300


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Weaving with Maryanne Moodie

Maryanne Moodie/ House of Maryanne Vintage

So HOM is an online vintage clothing store but she also weaves these amazingly tapestries! Each wall hanging is unique in colour, texture and design, I’ve added some pics below- they are beautiful!!

The class is run through a business called ‘The School‘, which is based in Sydney but is doing Melbourne and Brisbane roadshows, through which Maryanne is running a one off weaving class on May 5th in St Kilda. Not only is it learning the ins and outs of weaving but you get to make and take home your very own weaving and also you get to take the loom to continue weaving!! What a brilliant and unique gift idea! With the skills I will learn in the class I intend to weave up a storm for everyones birthdays, the class with pay for itself in no time!!!

This one off class is from 10am-1pm on May 5th. Book through ‘The School’ website. There are so many amazing and different classes offered so it is worth checking out!

Although there are no weavings for sale on HOM site, you can contact her to commission a weaving to be made for you. Check out her instagram or pinterest pages for more of her amazing weaving work!

Check out ‘The School‘ for a range of other classes, and peruse House of Maryanne Vintage for some of her vintage frocks!


I am in love with the one in the middle and on the right!


*Photos were sourced from House of Maryanne Vintage Pinterest and Instagram, full credit goes to to her!

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Scarf Community at Three Bags Full

So a bit of a different post this week.

Firstly, if you are in Melbourne you must get down to Finders Keepers market! Its on Friday night 6-10pm and all Saturday. This market features some amazing products and designers! You can click their name for their website or I’ll put the flyer up at the bottom of the post!

Scarf Community at Three Bags Full
I’m a massive foodie, and Three Bags Full in Abbortsford is one of my most favourite places for their food and coffee, but it is also one of the most aesthetically amazing spaces as well! So when I heard about Scarf Community using Three Bags for a month for their dinners I was stoked!

Scarf Community is an organisation that uses quality restaurants to provide hands on training to equip young people with skills in hospitality. This unique idea is training up migrants and refugees among others to give them the skills and networks to get the job they want. Dinners are cooked by Chef Ricky Holt and the menu for the next month looks amazing.

I’d take any excuse to get out with some friends and eat amazing food, but this tops them all. Check out their site and menu and let me know if you end up going! Its on at Three Bags Full every Monday night from 8th April to the 6th May. Book on the website!

Scarf Community website

Finders Keepers Flyer-


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