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Munster Kids and KaPow Kids

With a boom in the number of baby boys being born this year, it is about time to let you in on some different and funky options for boys other than cutesy baby blue with caterpillars. Both these labels are Australian, well priced and worth checking out their websites to get a better idea of their full range and styles. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Munster Kids
Munster have filled that awkward gap of dressing boys up to 14 years of age in fun clothing that they actually want to wear. Think whimsical, neater skater style, skinny jeans, simple cuts and fun prints. I love giving the Mini Munster as gifts because a lot of people aren’t aware that fun baby clothes exist for boys. The range seems to sell fairly quickly as people are catching on to this funky brand so it may be worth checking out where Munster is stocked. Keep up to date by following them on Instagram- search for munsterkids.

Along the similar lines if you have a girl who isn’t into pink or frills then Munster’s girls line ‘Missie Munster’ is perfect for her. Think harem pants, t-shirt dresses and tee’s with fun and bright prints. And with sizes (from 6 months) up to 14 years this label also helps combat that problem of finding age appropriate-yet still cool- clothing for the older girls.

Visit Munster Kids site here
Check out a small selection of Munster Kids below! Photos are sourced from their site.

KaPow Kids
KaPow is a fairly new label, made in Melbourne by Andrea who sews everything herself and even hand stitches the prints on the onesies and tees! (hand stitches!!! I can’t get over that! ) I love the individuality of a small handmade label, and the colours and prints of KaPow Kids is so fun and bright- they would make the perfect funky baby shower gift! Clothing and gift ideas for boys and even the surprise baby (unisex) are done well, with plenty of colourful yet neutral tees and onesies  as well as bandana bibs in the funkiest fabrics. The designs are kept fun and colourful while still being simple which is perfect for little ones. A hot tip would be to get on the baby girl headband bandwagon before it takes off in Oz! KaPow do a great range of fabric headbands and I can tell you that there are similar styles sold in America that sell out in minutes so get ahead of that trend!

You can visit KaPow Kids online here and Facebook here . Keep an eye out for stockists and markets that may feature KaPow as this cool little label grows!! Check out a small selection of KaPow Kids below- of course more on their site! Photos all sourced from their site.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.11.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.57.58 AM


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New branding and back into posts next week!

Welcome to the beginning of the new site! Ok so it is just the branding done for now but over the next while I hope to bring many exciting new things! I’d love your feedback on the new branding- I certainly never knew so much thought and consideration was put into graphic design! Luckily I had a friend working on it for me and when she explained the thought behind the concept is great! The font is like a cut gem- because this blog is about finding and sharing ‘gems’! Let me know what you think!

Quickly just another small post on somewhere worth visiting this weekend-

Earlier in the year I wrote about The Super Cool (check it out here) and if you have checked them out since then you would know that they have pretty unique props and visual merchandising (not to mention the awesome stock they sell!). This weekend The SuperCool are having a garage sale out of their South Melbourne Market stall and selling not only old stock but old visual merch props! This means vintage crates, rocking horse, ladders and suitcases amongst other vintage inspired items! It will be so worth checking out to grab some unique items! 

Find this sale at The SuperCool- South Melbourne Market October 12 &13th, 8am-4pm!


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Kini Swimwear

I earlier in the year I came across this brilliant Australian business and since it is warming up I thought now was the time to share! I LOVE this idea!!

Kini Swimwear-
How many of us do not fit the regular two piece bikinis, tankinis or whatever swimwear sizes are out there? Need a different size top to bottom? Do you know what you like but just can’t find it? Kini Swimwear may be your answer! (sorry that sounds like a tele-sales pitch) This brilliant idea lets you pick from two piece, tankini or one piece and choose the style, cup shape, embellishment and fabric, then colour it in how ever you like! How great is that?!! The combinations are almost endless! It end up being about the same as buying a pair of Seafolly but the best part is you have something that you have chosen in a style and colour that suits you!! I have spent so long playing around with colours, trims, frills and styles! Have a go, its so fun! I have added pics below of a few designs I came up with just to demonstrate a few of the options. There is a full size guide as well which is very helpful!

Let me know what you come up with!

Kini Swimwear found here

Image Image

Image Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.46.24 PM

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Tully Lou

I am well versed in exercise clothing- the features, benefits and fabrics- having worked at Lululemon once upon a time. Lululemon is amazing quality and really great for the sport each garment has been made for. I really believe that even though Lulu is ridiculously expensive, the quality makes it worth it as their clothing lasts forever (I’ve had a pair of their pants for over 7 years and they’re still great!) But right now, I just don’t have the cash to splash on Lulu prices. Lorna Jane seems to be the next option when looking for yoga and exercise gear, but personally I can’t bring myself to buy any of it as I don’t like having branding splashed across clothing and the quality is not quite the same (Lululemon may have spoiled me for quality there…)

So in my hunt for some new threads to make me get off my butt and start running again this winter, I came across Tully Lou. Tully Lou is a small new Australian company who are just about to release their second range of yoga and fitness clothes and I’m slightly obsessed with their navy and lime leggings! I have found them to not only be great colours and design but they function really well and are so comfy to wear. The range is still small but as they are heading into just their second season, the range is sure to grow! I’m excited to see what is coming!

My biggest qualm would be that the website does not describe the items features and design or fabric compositions which is actually quite important. Despite this I have found the clothing to be quite functional. The tops are good for yoga but not supportive enough for anything else eg. running (well for me personally anyway) For now I will just be sticking to their amazing leggings!

So if you’re after something a little bit different and unique that looks great, then I definitely recommend you try out Tully Lou range!

Find Tully Lou here

Image Image

Image    Image

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Hard to Find

Ok so this one is not so secret and I feel like I’m giving away a hundred blog post ideas in one but incase you have not ever visited this site here it is!

Hard to Find (HTF) was one of my original one stop online shop for gifts. The business concept is brilliant and they support small businesses which everyone is into these days so the growth of the site is hardly surprising. It is essentially a virtual marketplace where approved sellers present their items. This I suppose is a good quality control measure to ensure the quality of the products presented to the buyer. I remember stumbling upon HTF in it’s humble beginnings when it was only Australian small businesses and there was only about three catagories to choose from. Now the site covers womens, mens and kids everything as well as homewares, travel and more. And the prices range from completely reasonable to ‘oh its a gift so I’ll pay that bit extra’.

My problem with the site is now it has become so big with so many products, it is a little difficult to sort through the 10 pages of scarves etc. I also think that they have let too much plasticy items in, but there are still the unique handmade items if you look! Not bad problems to have, there are definitely some amazing items if you look! ( a suggestion would be to click on ‘collections’- here they have put together the best products under certain themes).

The best part is (besides your fairly unique purchase) that shipping is mostly free and they can wrap it and send it straight to the recipient if it is a gift. Super handy if like me your rellos are all over the country. This could be a game changer for Christmas shopping!

As every post needs pictures, I’ve put some of my recent ‘finds’ below!

Hard to Find here


This chalkboard heart made a great engagement gift!


These circle shelves are on my ‘one day’ list


Anne Black ceramics


The prettiest cupcake holders you ever did see


Stack of bangles- love!


A different take on an essential oil burner…

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More than once The Design Files has beaten me to print by a day or two. I totally planned this post 6 weeks ago, and not going to shift just because Australia’s biggest blog did it this week also! If you have never read TDF by the way, its worth a squiz, very inspiring, and I have no idea how she comes up with so many ideas to publish a blog post daily!

Emeldo Designs
I had originally spotted these necklaces in The Woodsfolk earlier in the year, and was so in love with just how different they were, and really well priced too! Then once I had seen them once, I noticed that a friend of a girl I went to uni with was wearing these amazing pieces in some photos, and it ended up she is the designer behind them (keeping in mind my photographic memory for names and faces. That was photographic memory, not stalker!) Long story but pretty excited to have come across Emeldo!

These are rope necklaces and bracelets that are hand made on the Mornington Peninsula, and are so bright, easy to wear and affordable, you can pretty much get one of each! I Seriously get compliments on mine all the time! Ive included as usual a few pictures below but there is actually quite an extensive range with varying lengths (with more being added in the next day or two- according to instagram)!

Its amazing how something so simple is so effective in adding colour and glam to an outfit! (Sorry about the fashion descriptions, I’ve been writing children’s fashion descriptions all day for an online store, you can really get so corny and carried away writing like that!) Keep your eye out in media, these have been popping up everywhere from fashion shows to celebs. I’d probably say get yours now before prices skyrocket with demand and popularity! I couldn’t pick my favourites for the pics so sorry there is a bunch! Quite a few are sold out but as mentioned before new stock is promised to be up soon! All photos from Emeldo website.

Emeldo site here
Instagram @emeldodesign



Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.02.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.00.59 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.09.00 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.08.40 PM  Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.10.33 PM

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Favorite Florists

No you didn’t imagine it, I did just completely skip last week as if the week did not happen. Sorry! As a continually recovering chronic fatigue syndrome-er there can be times when I may do this! It has been a while but last week was a small write off!

This post is for the ones I am always chatting to about amazing flowers. I dare you to look through the amazing photos below and not be inspired! (Sorry, there are quite a few)

Favourite Melbourne Florists
I have worked out my lifetime by careers, I’m not sure I’ll ever get use out of my actual degree but it has been decided that I will at some point be a florist or be creative with flowers somehow because I love them and the creativity required to put together even a simple yet unique posy. Its no secret that I am the worlds largest peony lover, I’m not a fan of pink at all but still the peony just wins me over every time!

I have a few favourite florists in Melbourne that really create rather than just putting a few plain lilies and roses together. A bunch of flowers can be very much more than a bunch of flowers! While with the gift of flowers it is the thought that counts, I love giving (and receiving!) a posy with character, and you really can find a bunch to suit every personality! I find it inspiring to follow these few below on instagram for ideas.

Flowers Vasette is in Brunswick Street and is like entering floral heaven. I have found them to have a great range of stunning flowers and last time I was there they has a great range of amber glass bottle ‘vases’ and light bulb vases. Flowers Vasette is behind the amazing floral arrangements and artistic foliage creations behind a lot of the big events and companies in Melbourne. It is very inspiring having a look at their website at the amazing creations! Cecilia Fox is in the quirky side of Brunswick on Blyth street and puts together unique mixes, incorporating flowers fruit, berries and foliage. I love their style and what combinations are put together! Katie Marx flowers has put together some stunning and decently huge floral displays for weddings. Once again her style is incorporating a stunning mix of flowers and foliage.

My last one is a collaboration called Pop and Scott. Not only is it part florist (part furniture, part workshop) but they also run floral classes. I am aiming to get along to the flower arranging class or the floral hair garland class for something different and fun! The garland class teaches how to make your own unique floral hairpiece but there is also a hair stylist ready to style your hair to go with your creation, the perfect set up for some amazing photos! All this with a bit of champers and I think this would be a great day/night out with the girls!

I’m not just talking flowers people. Seriously go look these people up, floristry can be absolutely amazing! Check out some of the pics below and tell me if you’re not looking at flowers a little differently than before! And let me know if you know of any other floral gems in Melbourne! (or anywhere really, especially if we can stalk their website!)

Flowers Vasette found here
Cecilia Fox found here
Katie Marx instagram found here
Pop and Scott found here

(photos are from each respective florists website or instagram, each photo has caption below)


Katie Marx flowers


Katie Marx Flowers


Katie Marx creation

Image Image
Cecilia Fox


Cecilia Fox


Flowers Vasette


Flowers Vasette- Thats not wallpaper, they’re flowers!


Pop and Scott hair garland


Pop and Scott shop

Enough inspiring photos for you?!!

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