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Etsy Stores Part 2- Baby

This week’s blog is aimed towards the mountains of people who are having, or have had babies in the first half of the year, with TWO unique Etsy stores. Is it just me or does that pretty much include a majority of people you know? These stores are great places to grab something a little bit cool and different- no doubt I will be buying some baby shower gifts here! (Although the second store does have women’s as well)

If you’re about to tune out because you heard the word ‘baby’- check in next week for an amazing vintage industrial store find! 

Etsy stores Part 2

Little Hip Squeaks
Ok so there is an overload of choice when it comes to baby basics, but the two reasons I love Little Hip Squeaks are the use of only organic cotton, and the original prints designed by the store owner- so you’re not going around with the same as everyone else- which for most that is not a problem but personally I love having something pretty unique!

The range of cotton blankets is fun- the colours and prints are amazing. I can’t say I get the whole moustache trend but they have even covered that one with colourful moustache blankets! My favourite print Little Hip Squeaks produces in the blankets would be the fox, closely followed by the geometric triangle print then the elephants. The awesome part is that you can also get them to custom print a name on the blanket to really personalise it- fantastic gift idea!

The little add ons include leggings, hats and headbands- which all make great little pressies to go along with other bits and pieces- so if you’re one of the 3 people I know that I’m predicting to be having a girl, then I hope you like the headbands!

Go check out Little Hip Squeaks!
(Photo credits go to the Little Hip Squeaks website)




Headbands and hats!

Thief and Bandit
If you have ever read Bleubird Vintage blog you will have seen Thief and Bandit pop up every now and again. Despite specialising in children’s printed leggings I think my favourite items personally would be the women’s fabric cuff bracelets.

All fabric is hand printed and all items are handmade in Canada. The prints are all fun and quirky and different which I love. I kind of wish she did scarves!! The label is such a nice alternative and unique to everything mass produced out there. Stick on a pair of Freshly Picked’s leather moccasins with a pair of Thief and Bandit leggings and a plain colour top and you have one trendy little one!

Thief and Bandit website here


Leggings, bandana bib and dress


Fabric bangles


Photos sourced from Thief and Bandit web store



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5 of the Best- Foxes

I’m a little bit fox crazy at the moment loving everything fox!

5 of the best- Foxes


1. Wallpaper and fabric- This is that fox wallpaper I mentioned a while ago! Comes in fabric as well- I love it in bright blue! Can be found in fabric here but also in wallpaper at McGlip Furnishings in Balwyn.
2. Fox mask- MisFitLeather on Etsy here
3. Mr Bernard fox- by Moulin Roty can be found Petit et Grand in Hawthorn
4. Cushion- Beck Baur
5. Cushion- Found at Heads and Tails
I easily could have gone 10 of the best this week! So just added one more
5.1. Toy- Dwell Studio

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Etsy Stores- Part1- Art

If you have never checked out Etsy then it is definitely worth having a look. It is an online marketplace for everything handmade. It essentially allows you to set up a ‘store’ and sell through them. Its actually surprising how many people haven’t ever heard of it, as it is a rather huge site. The only problem with such a huge site is that it is extremely hard to find what you really want if looking for a specific item of good quality because absolutely anything hand made can be up for sale there- BUT you really can stumble across some gems. I will do a couple of blog installations of some great Etsy stores I have come across. An example of a label that uses Etsy to sell their items is Fable Baby, which was featured here a few weeks ago.

Ana Victoria Calderon
Etsy store- anavicky

I stumbled across Ana on instagram somehow, and absolutely loved her painting style. She is from Mexico and does a range of illustrations, cards and other bits and pieces. I adore her painting of the five feathers- I ordered a print last year and it looks stunning framed and hanging on my wall! The teepee and dreamcatcher are probably my next two favourites, I might have to make a framed trio of her art. It is a real eclectic range of illustrations but I love so many of them, she is very talented! The great part is all the prints are really, really well priced even when you add on shipping costs. Make sure you check out her work and let me know if you know of any other good Etsy stores!

Visit her website here
Visit her Etsy store here

(All pictures used below are sourced from the above sites)


Image   Image





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