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The news is….

Ok ok, so I know its now Feb and there has not been a post. Thats what you call all of a sudden having 4 random jobs and an ever recovering chronic fatigue syndromer! I swear if you want a job (or two or three) in fashion, just get a degree in Health! Everyone I went to uni with is in fashion (and something bigger than just in store!), only one of my uni friends is working in Public Health!

The big news of what I have been working on is an online store. I want to bring the best in small business to you. Starting off quite refined and then widening the scope, kids (my all time favourite to shop for) will be the initial venture and then the natural progression into women’s and homewares will ensue. I have BIG ideas so I hope you will follow along for the ride! It is all under a different name (SECRET! For now…) but the adventures will still continue on here, the blog will very much tie in!

What were your big finds over the summer? A lot of places shut up shop in the city but that means some of the holiday shopping and cafe spots get discovered! Share!

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Munster Kids and KaPow Kids

With a boom in the number of baby boys being born this year, it is about time to let you in on some different and funky options for boys other than cutesy baby blue with caterpillars. Both these labels are Australian, well priced and worth checking out their websites to get a better idea of their full range and styles. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Munster Kids
Munster have filled that awkward gap of dressing boys up to 14 years of age in fun clothing that they actually want to wear. Think whimsical, neater skater style, skinny jeans, simple cuts and fun prints. I love giving the Mini Munster as gifts because a lot of people aren’t aware that fun baby clothes exist for boys. The range seems to sell fairly quickly as people are catching on to this funky brand so it may be worth checking out where Munster is stocked. Keep up to date by following them on Instagram- search for munsterkids.

Along the similar lines if you have a girl who isn’t into pink or frills then Munster’s girls line ‘Missie Munster’ is perfect for her. Think harem pants, t-shirt dresses and tee’s with fun and bright prints. And with sizes (from 6 months) up to 14 years this label also helps combat that problem of finding age appropriate-yet still cool- clothing for the older girls.

Visit Munster Kids site here
Check out a small selection of Munster Kids below! Photos are sourced from their site.

KaPow Kids
KaPow is a fairly new label, made in Melbourne by Andrea who sews everything herself and even hand stitches the prints on the onesies and tees! (hand stitches!!! I can’t get over that! ) I love the individuality of a small handmade label, and the colours and prints of KaPow Kids is so fun and bright- they would make the perfect funky baby shower gift! Clothing and gift ideas for boys and even the surprise baby (unisex) are done well, with plenty of colourful yet neutral tees and onesies  as well as bandana bibs in the funkiest fabrics. The designs are kept fun and colourful while still being simple which is perfect for little ones. A hot tip would be to get on the baby girl headband bandwagon before it takes off in Oz! KaPow do a great range of fabric headbands and I can tell you that there are similar styles sold in America that sell out in minutes so get ahead of that trend!

You can visit KaPow Kids online here and Facebook here . Keep an eye out for stockists and markets that may feature KaPow as this cool little label grows!! Check out a small selection of KaPow Kids below- of course more on their site! Photos all sourced from their site.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.11.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.57.58 AM

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Scotch & Soda

Firstly, Melbournians, mark the 4 & 5th of October in your diaries and save your pennies- Finders Keepers market is back! Sydney your turn is on the 16 & 17th November and Brissy you’re 6 & 7th December. I had great feedback from the people who went to the last market, it is very much worth the trip! You can visit their page here and see who will be there!

Secondly- I’m about to introduce a concept here you might not have thought of.  Kind of might eliminate some of you (sorry) but wondering how many people have discovered shopping for clothing in the kids section? I’m not talking clothes that actually look childish or shopping in Target or anything like that but good quality brands and couture that you can snatch up at a pinch of the price of adults sizes! Size 14 kids roughly translates to about a size 8 women’s and with some smart choices no one would ever know! Of course the pants are made to fit mostly a straight up and down figure (counts me way out) but mostly tops and dresses are fine. I work in a boutique with higher end children’s clothing and it is amazing how some tempting pieces are knowing that I can fit in them! So if you have a smallish frame, why not check out kid’s sizes? It changes the whole ballgame! Here is one example of a label that I love in both the women and children’s range.  I own a few pieces from their girls range and am always asked where I got them! I was never going to tell… until now.

Scotch and Soda are an Amsterdam based label that is slowly creeping in over here. They have men’s, women’s, boys and girls- and the girls range goes up to size 14-win!  (Next year they are even taking the range up to a 16!!) The women’s- Maison Scotch and the girls- Scotch R’Belle carry some quite similar pieces each season which makes this switcheroo all the more acceptable! The ranges by Scotch are always unique and their attention to detail is amazing. It is one label in which you might have to check out their lookbooks for unique ideas on how to style their pieces, because they are almost genius at pairing pieces together that no one would ever think of- regularly clashing patterns and colours.

Scotch and Soda can be found online here (I can absolutely guarantee that the items pictured look a lot nicer in person than on the internet!!) or at David Jones, which makes it easy to pop into the children’s department to peruse and try on! The girl’s range can also be found online here at Juniorbrands. Make sure you check out the men’s or women’s ranges- there is a store on Collins Street in Melbourne, and other major capital cities have either a concept store or pieces of the collection in smaller stores.

Have you ever shopped in the kid’s section?

Image Image

Image  Image


Maison Scotch



This is the R’Belle jacket I bought this winter season, it is a cropped blazer that is so fun and looks great on! I get so many compliments on it! No one ever knows its a kids jacket….

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Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights
Teepee’s and tents are popping up everywhere lately! The Woodsfolk have an amazing teepee in store at the moment and I mentioned the amazing teepee by Pinkey Square a few weeks ago.  It’s all in good fun, and it is so great to see them made both child size and big enough for adults! This amazing child sized find was passed on to me by a friend and I completely love it and have to share!

Such Great Heights makes amazing child size tents. One of the reasons I love them so much is that it encourages imaginary play, none of that computer and battery operated crap! Oh and they are handmade in Adelaide with hardwood and amazing fabrics and can even be converted to a clothes rack when not being used as a tent! One of the great things about these tents rather than teepees is the practicality of them. They are a better shape to pack up and store than a teepee and can be easily popped up inside or even outside on a sunny day. Such Great Heights have continued encouraging creative play with a range of ‘adventure capes’. These are amazingly cute and would make a great gift! I love the little red riding hood inspired cape! After seeing the amazing photos below its hard not to check out their website, you will be inspired and jealous that kids have such amazing items available to them these days!

Such Great Heights found here
*All photos sourced from Such Great Heights site


Image   Image


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Party In The Box

I’m excited to share what I think is a brilliant business, kind of leaves you wishing you had thought of the idea! To top off such a great business there is even a special deal for Road Of The Curious readers! Read on!

Party In The Box
Have you got a birthday coming up? A kids birthday? A themed party? Baby shower? Any event? Well then this is about to help you out big time!

Party In The Box started up at the beginning of 2012 and judging by the how the party ranges keep growing and growing, business is good!

The idea is great- a one stop internet shop for all party supplies. Your entire party can be put together in the one spot- from invites and balloons and tablecloths everything you may need in between to arrive to your door all boxed and ready to go!

You can choose one of the ready made party boxes that come with everything you will need for a party (minus the food), and these can be as basic or deluxe as you choose. There are great ranges from children’s licensed characters such as Spiderman, Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine to soccer, princess, ladybug and pirate themes! But its not just for the kids, there are also colour themed sets for any occasion- the pink or blue would be great for a baby shower, or the black and white for a Collingwood party (shuddering as I say that, ahh football), or mixing the green and yellow sets for an Australia Day party! Endless options! Below I have put together some pics of party boxes, but keep in mind there are plenty more to choose from and many more neutral coloured and themed options, I just went with displaying two boy and girl options!

There is also the option to ‘build a box’ where you can add in the items you want to create your own box. Does this not sound like an awesome idea rather than running around to multiple shops to buy all the bits and pieces for a party?? There is even ready made party bags for you to add in! Its like someone doing most of the planning and coordinating of party supplies for you! And it works out to be excellent value too! All this, shipped to your door anywhere in Australia.

Make sure you check it out, I know a lot of little ones with birthdays coming up mid year and this just makes so much sense to have an organised, fun, colourful party that is great value and all done for you! The website even has party tips, recipes and theme ideas!

Party In The Box have generously offered 10% off for Road Of The Curious Readers who order before May 2nd! Just enter roadofthecurious at checkout! 

Visit the website here and find them on Facebook here
I hope you love this business as much as I do! x




Above are just a couple of pieces I placed together from different categories to show how easily it is to pick your own items and still have them coordinate!

All photos sourced from inthebox.com.au


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Fable Baby

Have I said how much I LOVE kids stuff? Clothes, toys, decorations, quilts- its where all the fun and colour I can’t bring myself to display as an adult goes. Annnnd because I don’t have kids I am pro aunty and crazy lady to many of my friends children who bear the brunt of my love of buying for kids. Tough life huh. Just this morning I drove past an interior design place that had AMAZING fox wallpaper- I will be sourcing that one for sure! There are many many products that are marketed towards parents and kids, lots of which are just a waste of money. Now I’m not exactly one for practicality in the spending department, but come on- ever heard of a pee pee tee pee? Its a fabric cone that you can place over a little boy when changing his nappy so if he wees then it is contained. Or you could use a face washer?! I have changed thousands of nappies having worked with babies for 6 years and I managed to avoid pee flying everywhere. Plus some wriggle so much anything you place there is going to fall off! Good money spinner though, but in my opinion a serious waste of money. Good quality clothing on the other hand is not.

Fable Baby & Nursery
Fable Baby is a Melbourne label making clothes for littlies out of amazing organic materials including cotton, wool and silk, and hand printing the fabric with their own colours and designs. I visited their workshop and it is such an amazing work space. To me the best part is that these girls do everything themselves- printing their own fabric and sewing up all the clothes right there in Brunswick. All the designs are for newborn to 2 years old and are so super soft and easy to wear. I really love the colour palette and prints that are quite neutral so great for gifts for those having a surprise baby, or super cute non-pink options for those of us who don’t do pink. They have been doing a roaring trade at markets and also have an online store through Etsy. This label has only been up and running for 7 months so I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows from here on! Come on, organic, completely hand made in Melbourne and cute- go shop!

Visit Fable Baby here!


Pictures this week are not my own they are from the respective websites

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