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Kini Swimwear

I earlier in the year I came across this brilliant Australian business and since it is warming up I thought now was the time to share! I LOVE this idea!!

Kini Swimwear-
How many of us do not fit the regular two piece bikinis, tankinis or whatever swimwear sizes are out there? Need a different size top to bottom? Do you know what you like but just can’t find it? Kini Swimwear may be your answer! (sorry that sounds like a tele-sales pitch) This brilliant idea lets you pick from two piece, tankini or one piece and choose the style, cup shape, embellishment and fabric, then colour it in how ever you like! How great is that?!! The combinations are almost endless! It end up being about the same as buying a pair of Seafolly but the best part is you have something that you have chosen in a style and colour that suits you!! I have spent so long playing around with colours, trims, frills and styles! Have a go, its so fun! I have added pics below of a few designs I came up with just to demonstrate a few of the options. There is a full size guide as well which is very helpful!

Let me know what you come up with!

Kini Swimwear found here

Image Image

Image Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.46.24 PM


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5 Of The Best- Winter Coats

So ‘5 Of The Best’ posts happen randomly, and usually when I am on the hunt for something. This week it has been a new winter coat. It’s something I am happy to invest in for good quality and materials, my last one I bought while living in Canada, which means it has done me a good 7 years, its time to move on!

5 Of The Best Winter Coats


1. Viktoria + WoodsRoyce Blazer in Ink. *1/5/13- since I wrote this post this has sold out so may not appear when clicked
2. Lucette- Wool Drape Coat in black/white
3. Viktoria + Woods- Atlantis Coat in Glacier
4. Witchery- Funnel Collar Coat in grey marle
5. Decjuba- One Religion Drape Jacket in Black


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