I was first introduced to the world of Mozi years ago when it was so small and pretty much unknown they had these gorgeous fruit shaped wire lanterns (which I still see brought back in from time to time) and considering I work on the same block as one of their stores (therefore driving by their fabulous window displays all the time, always draws me in!) I have become a pretty firm fan. Mozi was the go-to place for all my kris-kringle gifts over the last few years, because I know I can pick up something amazing for $15-20. You may recognise the little red sparrow logo and not have ever known it was a Mozi product!

The thing I love most is that although some pieces are in the ‘personally I’m not going to pay that much for a lamp’ category, it is one of the best places for great, fun, bright and very affordable gifts. Ok I’d say the bird lamp is the only thing overpriced there, but of course, I absolutely adore the lamp!

Current season there are probably less pieces that I love than last. I have a couple of the bright ceramic yellow patterned plates and love love them and happy to see them still around, you know, incase I decide to make it a set. If I can figure out how I would use the melamine plates then I grab some of those too, I just love the prints… And the cotton ‘baskets’ are a favourite, and the painted paper mache trinket pots and the candles always smell amazing… should I go on!?

I would recommend going into a store, I am pretty sure there is not absolutely everything in the online store that is in the physical store. And to top it all off they are a Melbourne company!

Mozi website here


The apple lantern that started it all…

      Image  Image

Image Image   Image


I love a fun tea towel with a recipe!

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