Pinkey Square and Indium

Pinkey Square
Pinkey Square is a fairly new venture for three friends Steph, Edith and Tara who attended uni together. With one knitter and two graphic designers, they have begun a few projects producing including hand printed fabrics and tea towels and one amazing teepee.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Tara- one third of the Pinkey Square trio- to find out a bit more about the inspiration and direction of Pinkey Square and also her own line of scarves under her label Indium.

Pinkey Square developed around the creation of the amazing teepee, which was all hand drawn then hand printed before being constructed into amazingness. As each member of the label brings a unique talent and style, the artwork on the teepee represents all three members styles woven together. The whole teepee story has led on to other projects. The illustrations on the teepee follow the story of three Australian animals- a roo, an emu and a possum. The story was turned into a poem and then a song- then naturally what followed was a music video. This was where the talented knitter Tara came into her own and created amazing unique ‘wuzzy’ balaclavas representing each animal!

As a label, Pinkey Square hires the teepee out for events, festivals etc. They have also recreated the illustrations from the teepee onto 100% linen tea towels so everyone can own a bit of their magic! These are currently stocked at Spacebar Gallery in Hobart and Frank and Dolly’s Geelong along with Indium scarves. If you keep an eye out of Facebook you can keep up to date when they attend markets, such as the success they found at the Big Design Market last year. As all members take time the first part of this year to work on respective projects including work interstate and overseas, it is going to be an exciting time to see what inspiration they will all come back with and what Pinkey Square will be producing from then! I love their style and love of Australia fauna and flora so I’m definitely excited to see where this goes!!

Tara also has a line of scarves with her label Indium that are minus the hood and animal ears featured in the teepee pics, yet still amazing and unique. They are made with quality Australian merino wool and made by her very self in Melbourne, so ticking all the best qualities right there. An easy way to brighten up in winter and stay warm! At the moment Tara is voluntarily working in Guatemala at a textile company and I’m excited to see the ideas and skills she comes back with and what it may inspire! Check out the range of scarves below!

So there are two unique labels for you to support local talent. Keep an eye out for any of their future creativeness!!

Find Pinkey Square on Facebook here and website here
Find Indium on Facebook here

Scarves and tea towels are found at these stores
Frank and Dollys here
Spacebar Gallery here

All photos used with permission or provided by Pinkey Square and Indium





Um, can I just say again, amazing detail? Love love love!


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