Etsy Stores- Part1- Art

If you have never checked out Etsy then it is definitely worth having a look. It is an online marketplace for everything handmade. It essentially allows you to set up a ‘store’ and sell through them. Its actually surprising how many people haven’t ever heard of it, as it is a rather huge site. The only problem with such a huge site is that it is extremely hard to find what you really want if looking for a specific item of good quality because absolutely anything hand made can be up for sale there- BUT you really can stumble across some gems. I will do a couple of blog installations of some great Etsy stores I have come across. An example of a label that uses Etsy to sell their items is Fable Baby, which was featured here a few weeks ago.

Ana Victoria Calderon
Etsy store- anavicky

I stumbled across Ana on instagram somehow, and absolutely loved her painting style. She is from Mexico and does a range of illustrations, cards and other bits and pieces. I adore her painting of the five feathers- I ordered a print last year and it looks stunning framed and hanging on my wall! The teepee and dreamcatcher are probably my next two favourites, I might have to make a framed trio of her art. It is a real eclectic range of illustrations but I love so many of them, she is very talented! The great part is all the prints are really, really well priced even when you add on shipping costs. Make sure you check out her work and let me know if you know of any other good Etsy stores!

Visit her website here
Visit her Etsy store here

(All pictures used below are sourced from the above sites)


Image   Image





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