Goods by Grinn

Goods by Grinn
Like the multitude of other finds, I can’t remember how I came across this company, they have just kind appeared recently! There are loads of cushions out there at a million and one stores, and I love the different textures such as knits out there this season! But I have been searching for some less over the top cushions that are unique, cause I’m all about being unique!

Even though this company is based in the USA, as you know I am always keen to support smaller businesses! (and they ship to Oz!)

These guys do a small range of cushions, and no one you know will have the same! I’m in love with the colour palettes and simple designs, and all the patterns are original and custom only to Goods by Grinn.

I’m really into blues and gold at the moment so I’m loving the gold spot cushion and the blue geometric cushions the best! Pair these with a knitted or textured pillow and maybe a woodland animal printed one (vintage inspired deer/elk or even elephant prints are amazing and pretty easy to find!) and you have got a nice stylish little cushion corner!

I have some other soft furnishing labels that do rad and over the top cushions to show you at another time, but Goods by Grinn is way more ‘me’ so it gets first go! The Super Cool also have some amzing cushions that would compliment these colours so check them out as well! Cushions are such an easy way to bring colour and change into a space so take a look and spice up your own living areas!

Find Goods by Grinn here

*All photos are sourced from Goods by Grinn website




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2 responses to “Goods by Grinn

  1. Dionicia Rasmussen

    I just stumbled on the super cool’s web site the other day. I love it! they stock this etsy brand i love from the US called peg and awl. loved this post will have to check out good by grinn 🙂 x

  2. Ha! I was just talking to my sister today about screen printing so I can make one of a kind cushions!! Once again we are on the same page. These look great and how nice to know you have something original. Great find!

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