5 Of The Best- Winter Blankets/Throws

Ok, so some of these are for a bit of winter colour rather than maximum warmth but its a pretty extra layer and an extra layer always counts! I’ve just ordered the floral quilt- its handmade!

5 Of The Best Blankets/ Throws


1. Domayne crochet throw- perfect colours! found online here
2. Adairs Faux Fur- this is not the one I wanted to put in but Bed Bath and Table doesn’t have a website. Similar found here 
3. Floral quilt- cotton quilt handmade by store owner and shipped to your door. Gypsya on Etsy found here
4. Uimi- Melbourne brand, merino wool, comes in many amazing colours. Find colours and stockists here
5. Adairs Santona Throw- comes in some amazing colours including a deep beetroot/maroon. Find it here

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One response to “5 Of The Best- Winter Blankets/Throws

  1. Number three is beautiful! I’m going to check out her store. Thanks.

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