The Super Cool

I told you I would have something super cool for you this week! And so the store I deliver to you this week is-

The Super Cool

This mobile store makes its way around Melbourne markets and shopping centres with a semi permanent home at the South Melbourne Market and is currently featured at The Peoples Market in Collingwood (which is a must visit for dinner and drinks btw). The Super Cool features both vintage and new pieces and has a real unique vintage industrial style. The vintage pieces are actually old wares, not new items recreated to look old, so bits and pieces can vary between stores and online because they are one off or unable to be shipped. The bright and quirky cushions are a favourite of mine, it was probably what drew me in the first time- so colourful!! It is not a place of just homewares but books, decorations, toys, stationary and art. Another awesome find was discovering this place sold the alphabet ink pad stamps that seem to be so hard or expensive to find anywhere else!

This is also one of those stores that is a great place to pick up a pressie for a guy because the range of weird yet cool items that could make a great gift. They have a range of tin signs that have been reprinted from real signs seen overseas of bad english translations. Believe me, the funniest ones are not represented on the web store, you will have to go in for them!

It is one of those stores that you spend forever in because there are so many interesting things to look at, good luck leaving without buying anything! Ive added a bunch of pictures, it is way too hard to pick the best examples to best show the store- so go shop!

Visit the SuperCool site here!

Image  Image

Image         Image
Prints and vases

The fully washable and reusable brown paper bag

Image             Image

Badly translated signs and alphabet stamps!

Photos are sourced from The SuperCool site


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  1. LOVE that store. I’ve only ever shopped online due to my location, but it is definitely super cool. 🙂

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