Lily and the Weasel

Finally, another store you can go and visit! There have been requests for more bricks-and-mortar stores in and around Melbourne to visit! Here you go-

Lily and the Weasel
Visited this little gem recently, it is the shining light amongst the somewhat questionable Swan Street. The perfect store for gifts, I adore their range of ceramics unique kids items. I was after a Kim Wallace Ceramics platter for a gift, I kind of wanted to avoid the postage charge from ordering online (don’t we all- it all adds up!) so hunted down where they were stocked in Melbourne. Surprise surprise I did not leave with the platter as intended but some other beautiful mugs and some serving dishes. My absolute favourites are the crisp white dishes with little sparrow sitting on the side and bright glaze on the inside of the bowl. Simply stunning. There are many great Australian brands in the store including Emily Green‘s necklaces, Angus and Celeste ceramics, Weasel soft toys and Victoria Mason jewellery just to name a few. There is also quite a homage to the area with skipping girl bookends and items vintage printed with the Richmond postcode. Very Melbourne.

A mix of pictures from the Lily and the Weasel website show some of their amazing products, it is definitely worth a visit!

Lily and the Weasel- 173 Swan Street, Richmond






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3 responses to “Lily and the Weasel

  1. Melb is one of my fav cities, My bestie lives there so I try and fly down to see her every 8 weeks. The homewares in Melb are always a bit different to Sydney.

    • That is quite committed! I guess Sydney to Melbourne is not too far a flight! But you’re right- homewares are a bit different down here to most places up north- there is so much talent in Victoria (and all over, but I find Victorians are a very crafty bunch- and thats not being too bias as I’m an ex-Queenslander!) Have you been to the Finders Keepers market when it hits Sydney? Its a little taste of Melbourne twice a year in your own city! Its on 6-7th December for you guys! Soooo worth a visit!

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