Pom by Pomegranate

Better late than never!

I have been slightly obsessed with this scarf once I came across it and although it is a small label, it is unique and very worth the mention!

Pom by Pomegranate
Pom is a small label that is based in Melbourne and everything is handmade of quality fabrics and materials such as silk, wool, bamboo and linen. She also does a range of wooden jewellery that is simple and has great colours.

I’m mildly obsessed with the black chevron silk scarf with chartreuse merino wool inner. Mind you if you have ever tasted the French liquor chartreuse its enough to put you off anything sharing the name (my parents lived across the road from the distillery in the south of France so we have received many a bottle of chartreuse, I think which only ever get pulled out now if we are trying to show someone how disgusting it is!) although my love of chevron might even things out!

I love the colours used in the scarves and cushions! And because each is hand printed and hand made, they’re all a little bit unique!

Screen printing is the next big thing it seems, everyone is getting on board and creating their own fabrics. Essentially it is not that hard to do, it is just coming up with the ideas, materials and space. If you are interested in trying screen printing your own designs then stay tuned I will tell you when and were next week!

Visit Pom website here
*Photos are from Pom by Pomegranate



il_570xN.374471787_sg5r(Bamboo studs)

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