The New York Tea Company

New York Tea Company
A tea, is a tea, is a tea you say? Not really. Once you’ve been spoilt with good quality tea, it is hard to go back. My taste was spoilt by Fortnum and Mason in England, an enormous and oh-so-English tea store in Piccadilly that has been around forever. In Australia, the biggest and easiest tea store to get to is T2. Personally I find that store like most other tea stores too overwhelming for choice. So that’s why when I stumbled across this little company, I am very excited to give it a go!

Despite the name, this is actually a Melbourne based company that runs an online boutique tea store.

The thing I love about this little company is all the tea mixes have a purpose with nutritional benefits. The New York Tea Company has started off with a Diet tea and Detox Cleanse mixes, but excitedly is extending their lines with lime and coconut as well as green rose! Despite the names, they are really just tea that are thoughtfully and deliberately mixed with other ingredients to be rich in antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. (They have a break down of the nutritional benefits on their site). If I could get some added nutritional benefit from drinking my daily cuppa then I’m totally interested! I have a friend who has had the detox tea and feels great!

As they have just started out, I expect the range to grown and I’m excited to see what is coming next! How great is Melbourne and all it’s emerging ideas and labels?!! So much fun finding them and following through their success!

Find it here: The New York Tea Company 


Looks delish even dry like this! So colourful!



Photos are all sourced from the New York Tea Co



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